Yes, all tours tours can be booked online, swiftly and securely.

Yes, we only offer private tours by car and private walking tours.

Yes, all private tours by car are guided by a licensed tourist guides and advanced drivers

We only use the Mercedes Benz V250 AMG Line with full Panoramic Sunroofs and built in microphone systems so all passengers can hear the voice of the driver guide.

Our vehicles are never more than 2 years old. By 2021 we will be using the Electric Mercedes EQV, which is a 0% emissions vehicle.

The Mercedes Benz V250 vehicle that we use, has 7 adult size passengers seats. 8 seats if you include your driver guide. 

No, we have moved away from offering tours that can be paid in cash or by bank transfer. We now only use a fully secure payment system that allows you to book online.

Yes, as professional tourist guides we are in high demand. We have in the past allowed for payment on the day, but we have moved to a 1st come, 1st serve system, as too often we receive requests for the same dates.

There are only 2 of us. Our aim is to offer a high quality product. If we are available the date will show as available on the website.

Yes, the price you pay is the final price of your tour. Note however that as tours are customisable entry fees are not included. 

No, your tour price is final.

Note however that lunch, refreshments are not included.

If you wish to cancel your tour within a 48 hour period there is a 100% cancellation fee. 

If you wish to cancel before this period the will be a 4.95% cancellation fee to cover bank fees. Note that is you have asked us to buy any entry fees these are non-refundable.

Gas (Fuel) and parking charges are included in you tour price. 

Our private tours are door-to-door, as long as your pick up is in Central of London. 90% of Tourists stay in the Centre of London, but if you believe your hotel may be outside the area let us know by email before you book. 


Yes, there are charging points in our vehicles. You can use your own cable or the ones supplied by your driver guide.

Yes, on all Full Day tours at your chosen time, your driver guide will give you a minimum 1 free hour for lunch.

That is ok, leave the London Address pick-up point blank. You can update us later by email.

Yes, we offer one complementary bottle of water per passenger. 

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